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Say goodbye to the Demon and hello to the Hellcat Redeye

The Dodge Demon was an impressive muscle car, but from the get-go shoppers knew it would be on a limited-edition run. Thankfully, Dodge didn't leave performance-demanding shoppers high and dry (or shall we say slow and underwhelmed) and were kind enough to build the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. With its 797-horsepower engine, the new Hellcat Redeye will be a little more reserved than the Demon which had 808 or 840 horsepower, but not by much. Also, can you really call 797 horsepower specs reserved? We didn't think so. The Demon will have a twin-snorkel hood for added performance and an aggressive look that harkens back to the 1970's Demons. You can also get it as a "wide-body", in case you want to make even more of a statement as you drive in Charlotte. These aesthetic changes will carry over to the rest of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat lineup, though the other 2019 Dodge Challengers will have a similar look to the 2018 models.

The "standard" Dodge Challengers

The Hellcat and Hellcat Red Eye models are something to behold, but if you're okay with forgoing that amount of high-end power then you'll still have plenty of fun with the other Dodge Challenger trims. Just like the aesthetics, the specs under the hood will be relatively similar, so you can expect anywhere from 305 to 485 horsepower for non-Hellcat models, which is still very impressive and exhilarating. The 2019 Dodge Challengers will be here before you know it, so keep checking our new Dodge inventory. Keen on getting competitive savings? You can still shop our remaining 2018 Challengers. On the flip side, if you're a shopper who doesn't need a performance vehicle, we already have a few 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. They're great for families who still want a little edge, even if it's just an aesthetic one.
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