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Hi, my name is Robin, and I'm a Lake Norman CJD addict!  I've been waiting for a little over a year and a half to write this review on the last purchase I made from Lake Norman CJD.  It's really not a review on the van we purchased, more of a review on LNCJD as a whole.  Part of the reason that I waited so long is that I didn't want to comment on the events that lead up to our purchasing another vehicle, and part of my delay is that I didn't want Jack's head to swell so large from my compliments that he has trouble getting in and out of his office.  Now that some time has gone by I thought I would tell my story -- and thank my extended family at Lake Norman CJD.
I've known Jack for about, oh, 8 to 10 years now.  Seems longer.  I moved to Mooresville and almost immediately went searching for a new vehicle for my wife.  At the time, I was what I would consider a fairly wealthy individual.  Had a nice big house on Lake Norman, and purchased my wife a new vehicle every other year.  So when we moved here, it was time for her birthday present, and I bought that from Jack, the first of many.  About two years ago I became a victim of the economy, like so many other people out there.  I had just refinanced our home, bought a beautiful big boat, and purchased my wife a glorious Aspen Hemi.  Next thing I knew, I got laid off after 27 years of working for the same company -- completely to my surprise and chagrin.  I've never been unemployed since I was 14 YEARS OLD!  Never had I, EVER, been on unemployment.  My wife and I had relocated 11 times when we moved here, all for the company I worked for.  Each relocation we bought a nice house, got new cars, etc.  Now this part of the story is NOT to garner your pity!  Only to set the stage for what occurred with our last vehicle purchase.
After being laid off, it was quite apparent that unemployment wasn't going to cover the cost of two car payments, a boat payment, and a huge mortgage, plus all the other costs associated with raising and caring for two girls (one who has had 8 major surgeries in her short 10 years of life), plus two cats and three dogs.  So my wife had to go and get a job to help support us.  Life immediately began circling the toilet bowl-- depression set in, jobs were not available, not anywhere near what my old salary was.  We fought tooth and toenail and still lost our house.  We kept up the fight to keep our vehicles, and yet I had to get rid of the payments on that Aspen -- they were just too much for us to handle at the time, including the insurance costs.  So, after several months of deep depression, total loss of self-esteem, and basically being nearly out on the street, I went and approached Jack with my situation -- I needed out of the lease on our Aspen and needed to buy my wife a vehicle that we could afford.  I needed something large and spacious, as our younger daughter is multi-handicapped, blind, deaf, etc.  So, I went and asked Jack if there was any way that he could help me out in getting a van.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done -- I've been through all kinds of trials and tribulations, have traveled the world, lived overseas for five years, been in the Military traipsing around every mountaintop, desert, jungle, swamp and frozen tundra on the planet, and yet having to go and ask someone for help, well, at the time it was really incredibly difficult for me to do.
I sat down with Jack and spelled out my situation, including informing him that our credit was in the garbage because of our foreclosure, etc.  Jack patted me on the shoulder and said, "hey, don't worry about it, we'll take care of you!".  I was really close to tears.  I'm a big guy, 6'2" around 300 pounds of big ole Texan, and here I was, all choked up because Jack didn't bat an eye, he listened to my story, and immediately started working to help me out.  I mean, I'm choked up right now writing this, I've NEVER had an experience like this with ANY vendor of any type. Yet, Jack just isn't your normal sales guy.  He made me feel a part of his family.  I actually had to go outside and call my wife, in tears, to tell her that Jack was going to help us out, no questions asked!  OMG, someone from up above was smiling down on me!
Jack grabs one of his sales guys, Willie, and asks him to take me out in the lot and find me a van for my wife.  Then he asks Amanda to work on the financing.  I was really in shock.  I mean, we had already purchased 5 vehicles from Jack, but being treated like this was so far from what I expected that I was dumbfounded, speechless (hey, that's saying something -- Texans are seldom speechless!).  The details on the deal that Jack made for us aren't necessary here, but he did set us up in a fully loaded Chrysler Town & Country Limited, with Swivel 'N Go seating.  We needed the swivel seats for our younger daughter. Getting a child, with multiple handicaps, out of a vehicle, as I'm sure many of you know, can be quite difficult. Oh, not so with this van!  Now my wife, well, she's completely spoiled and was really against buying and driving a van, but now she loves it.  If you go to Lake Norman CJD's Facebook page you'll find a video I shot of this van, right after I brought it home.  Heated front and rear seats, 10" video screens for both 2nd and 3rd row seats, fancy stereo, every option available!  I mean it's a real thing of beauty!  And now, here I am, almost two years later, having NO problems making my payments (just finally got employed on January 2nd of this year!!!), and my wife and daughters are all very happy with our situation.  They have asked me to thank Jack for what he did for us, and while I'll do that (probably email his wife and let her know first!), I wanted to post this story first.  Now Jack doesn't know anything about this "review" I'm writing, I've gone out of my way to meet privately with Theresa Wengel, who works their Facebook page and web site reviews for Jack, so that we could get this posted quietly. I'm hoping I can get his wife, Robin, to read this first, before he finds out about it.  I mean I love Jack, he's like a big brother to me, so I wanted to not just say thank you, but to post publicly how nice this man is.
Now, on with the thanks!  First, there's this whole "Robin Threesome" thing going on -- my name's Robin, Jack's wife is Robin, and the guy who takes care of all our vehicle maintenance and repairs is Robin.  I always get a chuckle when I call LNCJD and ask for Robin -- then I play stupid when they ask me which one! Lol. So, let's start at the top, Robin -- you and your husband have helped us out so much, beyond compare.  In the time I've lived here I've only purchased vehicles through Jack and LNCJD.  Robin Robinette -- he's the Service Director, and the "go to guy" when you really need something done.  Mind you, his staff in Service are all excellent people, but I do want to take a moment and thank Robin and Robin separately!  Lol -- I'm confusing myself now!  Mr. Robinette, you are always a fun guy to come up there and chat with, and you've always helped me out on my cars!
The Sales team -- Maggie, Willie, and Mark, and all the others, have been incredibly nice to us for many years now.  Back several years ago, when I still had money, I walked in one day and told Jack, "Hey, I want one of those Aspens with a Hemi, and we have 30 minutes to seal the deal!".  Jack laughed, then looked at me again, recognizing that I wasn't joking.  Well, it took 45 minutes, but we got it done. Then I drove home, told my wife that I needed her Pacifica (yes, from LNCJD) to go pick up groceries, and asked my older daughter Hailey to come with me.  Well, Hailey was in shock when I asked her to take all the 'stuff' out of the Pacifica and put it in the beautiful Aspen we parked next to. Went inside, signed the deal, and was off to the house.  My wife was ecstatic when I got home and asked her to come out and help get the groceries!   So, for those of you at LNCJD on the Sales team, especially Maggie, Willie and Mark, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me!
Service -- okay, Robin, I thanked you already and gotta quit typing your name as it's confusing me! Lol -- I've never had any issues with LNCJD's service department. In all the years I've been going there, they've always taken care of us and I always feel like I'm being treated like royalty when I go there, even if just for an oil change!  So, Chuck, A.J., Ray, and okay, that Robin guy -- thank you all for supporting us so well!  Your entire department is full of professionals, and I never feel I'm being mislead with any issues that have come up, and you have always done an excellent job in servicing our vehicles.
Parts -- yes, sounds goofy but I have this PT Cruiser that's totally customized and I'm in the parts department quite often!  Mickey and Frank, thanks for putting up with me!  Hahaha -- I'm usually bustin Mickey's chops when it comes to pricing, just because it's fun!  However, their parts department always seems to beat everyone else's prices and they have always had whatever I needed. Thanks gents!
Now right next to parts are the two people who keep taking my money -- Donna and Wil.  Hey, I know I'm not paying you guys directly, but you are always cheerful and fun to chat with when I come in, and I wanted to thank you for your friendliness and professionalism!!  You make it much less difficult to write a check for whatever it is I'm getting charged for! Hahaha
Theresa -- not sure what department you work in but it's always been a pleasure posting stuff on your LNCJD facebook page and the LNCJD web site!  Oh, and thanks for working with me on this very personal review of Lake Norman Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge!!!
Well, there are two ladies who work for Jack who I simply adore!  Stephanie and Amanda.  Both are the sweetest people around.  Stephanie is like my little sister, her and I are always chatting, usually not about business, we just enjoy each other's company. I don't know what Stephanie's job is at LNCJD, all I know is she's one of the sweetest people I know, and I adore her.  Amanda, now she is a stunning lady with a fabulous attitude -- she has handled the financing on many of my vehicles and always, always has a smile and kind words for me when I come to visit.  You two are really what I would consider critical members of Jack's staff, and I wish you both huge hugs!
Last, and definitely not least, is "The Salzinator".  Jack.  I grew up in Dallas, TX, and he and Robin are always going back and forth between here and there.  So weird, we seem connected on a bizarre level, Jack actually laughs at my jokes, which many people in the south don't always get (spent too many years in Manhattan I guess).  Jack's been my advisor, my salesman, and my friend, and I just can't see me buying a car from anyone else.  Jack, YOU DA MAN!
To all of you at Lake Norman CJD, thank you so much for being there, doing what you do, selling me cars, trucks and vans, and for being the nicest car dealership I've ever been involved with!!!
With my sincerest regards and best wishes to you all,
Robin Huggins
Mooresville, NC

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The overall experience was great. I did feel it took quite awhile for the financial part of the purchase to be completed. We paid cash for the vehicle and it still took almost 30 minutes before the financial representative came to meet with us to finish the transaction. Other than that, the experience was great. Thanks!
Charlotte, NC

I was looking at 2 vehicles, the Wrangler Jeep Unlimited 4X4 and a Used Range Rover. Obviously vehcles at either end of the spectrum. After our experience with K.J. I wished he were selling the Range Rovers. He was incredibly professional, very polite and courteous. He did everything right and I hated not to buy a vehicle from him. I am in sales myself and know a good salesperson when I see one! He negotiated with me, and gave me his best price. He followed up and was very thorough. Unfortunately, I was pretty sold on the Range Rovers before we looked at the Jeeps. My boyfriend does still want a Jeep though, so if I ever am in the market for one I will buy from K.J. and I will recommend him to anyone in the market for the vehicles he sells. Give him a raise - he deserves it!
Erin Casey
Greensboro, NC

I stopped by the dealership to check out their inventory of Dodge Pickup trucks. After looking at a new one and knowing it was outside my price range Scott showed me a truck that just got traded in that was still being detailed. Scott showed my a very nice 2007 Dodge 1500 quad cab, Thunder road edition with only 11,500 miles, not to mention it was "Certified". I knew at that point that a truck like that would not last long on the lot. With Scotts help I was able to get close to the price I wanted on my trade-in (2005 toyota Matrix) and a deal was made. I delt with a lot of people there that afternoon, all were knowledable and helpful. When buying vehicles in the past I always dreaded going to see the Finance manager (aka. "Lienance manger"). This time it was no problem. There was no "upsale", no bulls**t. I signed the documents and I was done in under 2 hours with everything. They even let me drive the new vehicle home to bring back the title to my trade -in and my cash deposit the next morning, I must look trust worthy or something. Anyway, I would recomend this dealership to my friends and family if they're looking for a new or good used vehicle.
I also look forward to my Free Car Washes! Thanks for your Help Scott!
Huntersville, NC

When it to take a look at used jeeps. Initial contact was via email and received feedback instantly. I was thankful Tracy was able to deal with me a lot over the phone/email as I was stuck in the office.

When I went to the dealer I was greeted with a warm reception and offered snack and a drink.

When starting to talk about the vehicles and what I was looking for Tracy was extremely responsive to my questions to see what we can work out. When we were dealing with the numbers everything was in black and white. No gimmicks or tricks to try to confuse the actual purchase of the car. All costs/fees/rates were on the paper and clearly defined. No games/hassle and was extremely pleased with the experience and would highly recommend Tracy and the dealer to friends and family.


Concord, CA

We were looking for a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Our salesperson, KJ, was knowledgeable and professional. He helped us find the right vehicle at the right price and we are very pleased with our purchase. Overall, a good buying experience. Would do business again.
Charlotte, NC

Mr. Jack Salzman and his team were awesome. They listened to both mine and my wife's needs and quickly addressed them with a solution and the perfect product. Thank you. KJ, Bill and Tony worked as a team to make sure that all paperwork and efforts had a purpose within in time frame I had to work within. I never felt that my time was wasted.
Concord, NC

I was very pleased at how easy they made my new car buying experience. Mark did most of the work over the phone and on the internet which was helpful since i live in lexington,n.c. I would recommend Mark and lake norman chrysler dodge jeep to all my friends.
Lexington, NC

Our buying experience with Lake Norman Chrysler Jeep was exceptional. We went to look around and ended up walking out with a brand new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Even our experience with Nathan York, the saleman, was outstanding. He took the time, in the freezing cold, to explain the feature of the vehicle as well as asked what "I" was looking for...not what he wanted to sell us. We never felt pressured even by the Finance Manager. I will and have recommended friends to Nathan York at Lake Norman Jeep Dodge.

Gina Harris
Stephen Vickers
Statesville, NC

The staff was courteous and accommodating. My Salesman KJ was very attentive to my needs and concerns. He kept in communication with me at all times and made the process of buying my new vehicle a pleasant one. KJ holds a high standard of treating people like family and working harder than I had ever seen in making you happy. The Finance Manager, Amanda, worked out the financial details and got me a better rate than I had expected on my new car loan. She was professional and extremely knowlegeable and also explained the additional coverages available to me in detail.
From the Receptionist (Dana) who greets you with a warm smile and makes you feel at home and is there at all times to make you are comfortable to the Owner (Jack) who makes sure that the customers are treated with the utmost care, I walked away feeling like I not only made a wise decision but gained new friendships along the way.

Mooresville, NC

I've previously purchased 4 new vehicles from this dealership; I just bought another two, a Challenger and Wrangler Unlimited. I spent more time researching these two vehicles than I spent researching my last home purchase. Bottom line - Nate and Jamie are not salesman, they are Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge experts. These two folks spent a dozen hours-plus-plus, going over my choices, options, features, test drives, accessories, delivery times ... comparisons ... etc., etc., etc. Through numerous visits, I always felt like I had an advocate; they wanted me to buy the best vehicles for me, with no pressure - only guidance. And yes, they were patient when needed to explain certain features more than once. What is my end result? I have two new cars that fit my family's needs perfectly; I have the options I wanted with no compromises; I understand the operation of the added packages clearly; I was dealt with honestly; I paid a fair price; I was treated like family and I have no regrets. I have not stopped smiling - and that is due to the superior service given at this dealership.

Also - the 'closing' process ... equally as painless. The discussion with Amanda on choices of warrantees, protection and service packages, etc., etc. was both informative and beneficial. I have the coverage that is right for me. No pressure, only guidance. The warrantee is best in the industry - period; and the service packages will assure me that the new driver in the house (and I) will get the all scheduled maintenance and oil changes every 3,000 miles done (we do not need to worry about paying in the future... I just did in the package).

Lastly, the detail work. I don't know who these young folks were ... but the cars didn't even have a fingerprint on them when I drove them away - nice job guys.

I feel that I've been treated like family, by people that like what they do ... and they do it well.

Would I recommend this dealership and these folks to friends? Absolutely. I've handed out over two dozen business cards this last week alone. There is not a reason to buy a new vehicle anywhere else - these folks are it.


Chris Pope

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